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Submersible Mixers & Aerators

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Submersible Mixers & Aerators Others Products

- Submersible mixer
- Submersible aerator
Submersible mixers and aerators are an alternative to top mounted or floating mixers and aerators, offering similar or improved efficiency with better aesthetics. With standard sizes up to 18.5kW, submersible mixers are commonly used for mixing, homogenization and agitation of liquids in industrial and purification plants asides from treatment of zoo-technical sewage. Submersible aerators are well suited for deep basins and high oxygen transfer demands, usually in processes such as oxidation, sludge stabilization, flotation and ozonation. Standard power output available up to 37kW. Our mixers and aerators achieve high yield rates with low energy consumption.  Submersible mixers and aerators are easy to install and maintain without the need to empty the tank.

Submersible Mixers
(Cast Iron with Base Mounting Bracket)
Submersible Mixer Installation
Submersible Mixer with Conveyor Ring Submersible Aerator Installation
with Rigid Pipe Coupling
Stainless Steel Submersible Mixer Submersible Pump with Outlet Pipe


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